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Maeve is an applied improvisation coach, performance coach and live performer with the group LadyProv.  She is a senior teacher at the UK's biggest and most established improv school, Hoopla Impro. Maeve works with people and teams to help them perform confidently and joyfully in situations they may have previously found stressful, using a blend of improvisational theatre tools and psycho-physical acting techniques.


Image by Javier Miranda

Leadership and Rapport Course

Be the leader others choose to follow.

This is a bespoke one-to-one experience that builds weekly to help you have more influence, gain the trust of others and enjoy your role more. Hold status and warmth at the same time. Tune into your own obvious. Show grace under pressure.

Image by Perry Merrity II

Confident Communication Course

Become more confident when speaking spontaneously in meetings,  taking questions or presenting.

 Learn psychophysical techniques and acting tools to bring your presentation skills from good to great. Discover the exercises improvisers use to learn to communicate seamlessly and confidently, beat by beat, when there is no script.

Image by Shubham Dhage

Imposter Syndrome Course

When our external position happens to be greater than our perception of ourselves, we can feel fraudulent. This can result in a range of feelings, coming from a fear of this ‘gap’ being exposed. We may think behavioural choices can protect ourselves; however, these behaviours are not helpful for our performance. Together we will discover a range of games and exercises to uncover behaviours which are more useful, and will have you performing at your best.


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Humans are wired for stories. Leave this bespoke course with an authentic, honest version of where you came from and where you want to go, by applying the ancient principles of storytelling. Tell the story of your product, idea or role, so that people will want to listen.  

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Great teams play well together.

And big companies such as Google and Facebook use improv games and tools to help teams to gel, to harness innovation or find their strengths. Find out why when you book a fun, mood enhancing improv session for your team. 

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Pitching and Presenting

Most of what we communicate is effected by how we say it, rather than what we say. Learn psychophysical techniques and acting tools to bring your presentation skills from good to great. Work with your team in a secure, positive atmosphere that celebrates risk.


"Thanks for coaching me - I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it, but also how much I got from it. So much more confident and better at my job - and as a person - for it. You were an awesome coach and I learnt so much that is going to have a huge impact for sure - thank you! It's going to stick with me for ever more, I know it."

Sean Longhurst,  Accelerator Coach at Propel Teams

"Maeve is one of a kind. She’s a pro at improv and has a huge mental library of tricks to take your skills to the next level — whether you’re a newbie or know a thing or two. Her gift, however, is being able to make everyone in a room feel comfortable, confident and excited to get stuck in. Even after a hellish day, class with Maeve would leave us all grinning. With that spirit, she took a bunch of strangers and turned us into a team that wow’d on stage during our final performance. I’m convinced she’s magic."

Jamie  Miles 

"You have changed my life and I am extremely grateful. Thank you for the warm and welcoming atmosphere in your class and for the opportunity to experiment and freely make mistakes. Your classes have continually been a highlight of my week."

Georgia Ball

Other feedback, received anonymously:

"This course was a special experience, I feel much lighter and more confident as a result. It was great fun and I would recommend it to anyone!"

"Maeve as a teacher was attentive, energetic, positive and encouraging. I honestly can't think of anything to improve."

"Maeve was well organised and had structure for class each week, she reflected on it and progressed. She was great at making sure we all got plenty of time and understood the games. The classes really help us bond and grow as a team. Maeve is such an incredible teacher and I really felt the difference having her."

"Maeve is a fantastic coach, really approachable and knowledgeable. Always explains why the games we're playing teach us improv skills. She also prepared us really well for the show."


London, UK


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Video tasters of some of the projects Maeve  has worked on as an Improvisation Consultant, Writer or Performer.

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